Why East Gippsland?

A Place of Opportunity

East Gippsland provides an ideal place to mix business opportunity with quality of life.

Rich in natural resources and brimming with economic potential, the region is already home to some of Australia's leading brands and largest businesses, attracted by an abundance of primary produce and natural resources coupled with good transport and logistics, cheap energy, ample water, good physical and telecommunications infrastructure, plentiful land supply and a strong base economy.

Thanks to a very high quality of life, diverse choice of private and public schooling options, affordable housing, a renowned local food industry, and its proximity to Melbourne, East Gippsland is growing.

That growth presents tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Here in East Gippsland our focus is on innovative and forward-thinking investment that drives sustainable growth and capitalises on the natural strengths of our people and places.

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Success Stories

A wide variety of businesses, large and small, are thriving in East Gippsland.


From tourism and marine services, to thriving ag, manufacturing and health services sectors, we have a diverse economy.

Current Investment Activity

Public and private investments are sparking development in communities across East Gippsland.

Current Initiatives

Laying the groundwork for sustainable development and a thriving economy in this region.

Business Leaders

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Data Hub

Home to 48,453 people, East Gippsland supports 18,654 jobs and has an annual economic output of $5.169 billion.